Shining and seasoned Broadway, Tv and film veteran, MPJ is launching his latest project his new Album Paper Hearts on June 19th 2017 with the help of his production company Silver Towers Productions. The journey of Marcus Paul James began in Brooklyn, New York. His perspective is uniquely influenced as he is the son of a DJ and was raised in the church surrounded by the rows of tuned organ pipes and Luther Vandross albums. Marcus is incredibly grateful for his rare up bringing and is currently a Broadway performer starring in shows such as "RENT' and "In The Heights" while mastering his musical aspirations as a singer /songwriter.

Marcus has been writing music since he was 13, recording multiple tracks with 3 separated tape recorders. He of course since upgraded and began peaking the interests of talented industry figures. One of which was producer Akira Shelton, who came to him with the idea to write together. After hearing Akira's tracks, he knew a musical match was made. In the midst of working with Akira on other new artist projects, Akira suggested putting out a album of the two in the Soulful House vein. A year later, February 2009, we released our first EP titled "Electrik Love".

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