Height: 6'1

Weight: 195 lbs 

Sleeve: 35

Neck: 17

Waist: 32

Pants: 32

Shoe: 12

Suit: 42

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Light Brown


Blake French has spent his career in entertainment living and working steadily in the markets of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Miami; currently, he is based in New York. 


As an actor, Blake was a series regular in the second season of "Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter" -- playing the villainous werewolf opposite comedian John Glaser -- airing in 2017 on Cartoon Network / Adult Swim. For the second year, the series received near-top viewership for its time slot and has garnered a cult following. 


Last year, Blake booked several notable projects, including a highly anticipated teen horror film -- again playing a horror creature -- and independent feature "The Peace Inside," a heartbreaking true story from the Tzu Chi Foundation. 


As model, Blake has appeared in campaigns featured on billboards, magazines, newspapers, new media, commercials, informercials, and live events. In 2017, Blake was one of the principal actors for Harrah's Entertainment Atlantic City commercial campaign.


Blake is well versed in martial arts, weapons and firearms training, and stage combat. He's performed stunts for television series, feature films, stage, and commercials, including the iconic war sequence in the 2017 Academy Award nominated Steven Spielberg film "The Post."  

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